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Manage the embarrassment of choice on dating apps


The world of dating changed during the pandemic and continues to evolve. According to research consulted by sexology student Myriam Daguzan Bernier, it would be more difficult to find love today, because we often feel paralyzed before the gigantic pool of potential partners. She adds that it is normal to be undecided, whereas before it was easier to choose within a restricted geographical circle, often among friends and girlfriends, neighbors and classmates.

As The Decision Lab explains, we have a limited number of cognitive resources. When there are too many choices, our decision-making process kicks in, but it comes up against… other choices. Everything becomes so exhausting that we often prefer not to choose anything. »

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Myriam Daguzan Bernier, sexology student

She also looks at the other big problem, she says, with dating apps: the way they work encourages the person using them to see themselves and others “as a commodity to be sold, evaluated , buy or… throw away”.

The sexology student gives us a list of tips to avoid constantly changing your mind and succeed in finding what you are looking for.

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