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Mark Pathy and his fellow flight attendants have arrived at the International Space Station


All smiles, the commander of the Ax-1 mission, the American-Spanish Michael Lopez-Alegria, the Canadian Mark Pathy, the American Larry Connor and the Israeli Eytan Stibbe came out of the capsule one after the other SpaceX Dragon.

They were greeted with hugs from the crew members of the international space station.

Larry Connor, who holds the position of pilot, said to himself delighted and honored to participate in the experience, but also aware of the responsibility of this first mission composed of civilianspreparing for a busy research week.

Montreal businessman Mark Pathy called the adventure aincredible and Eytan Stibbe wanted to speak in ISS.”,”text”:”Hebrew in the ISS.”}}’>Hebrew in the international space station.

The three men paid tens of millions of dollars each for the experiment.

Larry Connor is the head of a real estate company, Mark Pathy is the boss of an investment company and ex-pilot Eytan Stibbe is the co-founder of an investment fund.

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American-Spanish Michael Lopez-Alegria, a former astronaut working for Axiom Space, organized the trip.

The four men will be there for a week, during which they will have 25 experiments to carry out, notably on aging, heart health and even stem cells.

The flight is hailed by industry executives and NASA as a milestone in commercializing spaceflight.

Based in Houston, the company Axiom Space bought the means of transport from SpaceX and paid NASA for the use of the International Space Station. Axiom Space reportedly intends to build its own station.

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