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Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates his VR headset


Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg shared on Instagram on Thursday a first look at what mixed reality experiences will be like on Project Cambria, the high-end virtual reality (VR) headset that will be released later this year.

In this sub-minute video, the Facebook co-founder can be seen moving around an office as he interacts with a 3D blue creature with a cat-like appearance, or a hologram of a yoga instructor .

At the same time, he declares in voice off that this device is designed for merging the physical and virtual worlds. The helmet as such is blurred throughout the demonstration.

Project Cambria is presented as an improved version of Oculus Quest, the VR headset launched in 2019 by Facebook, which however only allowed to see the real world in black and white. The new device will integrate color and present a better image resolution.

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The differences between Quest and Cambria are laid out in a two-and-a-half-minute video that Meta also uploaded on Thursday. In particular, we learn that this technology can be used for both recreational and professional purposes.

This innovation seems straight out of science fiction films like Iron Man Where Minority report is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s stated objective to popularize the metaverse, a cyberspace parallel to physical reality where a community of people can interact in the form of avatars.

To accomplish our vision, we need to build the connective tissue between [les différents] digital spaces – so people can bypass physical limitations and can move between these spaces with the same ease as between rooms in their homeshe said last year.

The exact release date and price of Project Cambria have yet to be revealed.

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