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Massive failure of Rogers: an error during the update of the network would be in question


Rogers submitted an explanation Friday night to the CRTC about the massive outage that left millions of Canadians without telecommunications services on July 8, even preventing access to emergency services like 911. According to the company, an error during the network update is the cause of the failure.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had given Rogers until July 22 to provide an explanation, a deadline that the company has respected.

She explains in her letter that an update to her network caused a malfunction that interrupted her telecommunications services very quickly.

the CRTC claims that Rogers sent him two versions of his letter. A first provides detailed explanations and plans to avoid such failures in the future. Another contains numerous passages redacted in order to protect sensitive information concerning its operations from the competition. It is this last version which is accessible to the media.

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However, the company says as transparent as possible in the answers it offers to CRTC in order to regain the trust of Canadians.

It also claims to have hired an independent third party to analyze what happened.

Rogers representatives will testify before a parliamentary committee in Ottawa on Monday to explain the cause of the outage, but also the measures the company intends to take to prevent such a situation from happening again.

Unable to restore service any faster, says Rogers

Rogers also assures in its letter that it would have been impossible for it to restore its emergency services more quickly.

The extent of the outage, which disconnected all wireless and wired services to Rogers customers and other providers who use its network, meant that the only way to restore 911 and alerting services was to tackle the problem at source rather than specifically targeting these areas for priority repairs.

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