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Massive influx of Ukrainian refugees in border countries | War in Ukraine


According to a UN estimate, the European Union must prepare for a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions in Ukraine, which could lead tomillion”,”text”:”more than 7million”}}’>more than 7 million internally displaced persons if the Russian offensive continues.

Some 368,000 refugees have fled fighting in Ukraine since the Russian invasion launched on Thursday for neighboring countries and their numbers keep increasingthe United Nations said on Sunday.

This number is based on data made available by national authoritiesunderlined the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in a tweet.

Nearly 200,000 people from Ukraine have entered Poland since the start of the Russian invasion of this former Soviet republic on Thursday, according to Polish border guards.

More than 100,000 displaced in Poland in 24 hours

On Saturday alone, Polish border guards said they had identified 77,300 people who had arrived in Poland from Ukraine. And Sunday morning, until 11 a.m., they counted more than 44,000 more people.

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Poland, which was already home to around 1.5 million Ukrainians before the Russian invasion and which has expressed its unwavering support for the invaded country, has so far seen a large proportion of those fleeing Ukraine enter its territory. .

Throughout the country, people are organizing on social networks, collecting money, medicines, offering accommodation, meals, work or free transport for refugees.

Passing through Romania

According to the government spokesman, a total of 47,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania since Thursday. Among them, 22,000 have already left the country, while 25,000 have remained in Romania.

The busiest border post is Siret (north), followed by Sighetul Marmatiei, also in the north.

Two camps have been set up, one in Sighetul, empty for the moment, and the other in Siret, whose forty occupants must be transferred to reception centers.

Refugees in Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia

According to Hungarian police, more than 71,000 refugees have arrived in the country since Thursday.

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The country has five border posts with Ukraine, and several border towns, such as Zahony, have converted public buildings into relief centers, where Hungarian civilians come to offer food or assistance.

More than 41,000 people from Ukraine have arrived on Moldovan territory, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees.

More than 17,600 Ukrainians have crossed the Slovakian border since Thursday, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees. Some 6,514 of them arrived in the night from Saturday to Sunday alone, according to the Interior Ministry.

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