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Maxwell trial: alleged victim harmed by defense


Tuesday, this key witness at the trial, the first of the four that the prosecution wants to call, explained, sometimes in tears, how the Epstein-Maxwell couple had approached her in 1994 and how the financier had sexually assaulted her in several times, at her home in Palm Beach, Florida, when she was just 14 years old.

Called Jane to preserve her anonymity, she had also accused Ghislaine Maxwell of having been present during certain sexual assaults and of having sometimes participated in them.

Alone in the accused box after the suicide of her former companion in prison in the summer of 2019, the former British socialite born in France, daughter of the deceased media mogul Robert Maxwell, faces life imprisonment.

Accused of having recruited underage girls from 1994 to 2004 to make them available to Epstein, she says she is innocent and pleads not guilty to six counts.

The man takes the woman by the neck.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein gravitated into the jet set and social circles, hanging out with celebrities and wealthy owners.

Photo: Getty Images / Patrick McMullan

One of the defense attorneys Laura Menninger tried to show several inconsistencies in the account or the timeline of testimony in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday, compared to previous hearings.

Then she unearthed the notes of an officer who had questioned Jane in December 2019, pointing to more confused memories of the role of Ghislaine Maxwell, 59. The victim replied that his notes were not complete transcripts and did not accurately reflect his story.

A little later, she explained that she had not given all the details in her first auditions because she was delivering to strangers the most shameful secrets I’ve had to carry all my life.

In a new series of questions, the defense pointed to the acting talents of Jane, who has been an actress in sentimental soap operas, to accuse her of dramatizing her testimony.

A forensic illustration shows the woman testifying at the bar crying into a handkerchief.

The witness referred to as “Jane” cried during cross-examination by counsel for Ghislaine Maxwell.

Photo: Reuters / JANE ROSENBERG

She finally had to deny any financial interest in testifying, specifying that she had no pending civil complaint because she had been compensated up to 5 million US dollars (2.9 after costs) by the Epstein fund, an official mechanism of reparation drawn from the fortune of the billionaire after his death.

In this country, damages are the only thing you can get when you want to try to move on with your life again., she blurted out, after a pause during which she cried and hid her face behind a handkerchief.

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