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Mayfield under the rubble | TurnedNews.com.ca


This community of barely 10,000 inhabitants in western Kentucky literally collapsed on Friday, December 10.

From 7 a.m., the first cars roll slowly through the city, seeing an almost apocalyptic landscape. It is the residents of Mayfield who have come to see the extent of the damage and perhaps recover what they can from their home.

But they are not alone: ​​hundreds of volunteers are there to lend a helping hand, and that is perhaps what is most touching about this tragedy.

William lost his three year old son. He found it in the rubble, just after the tornado. The child was called Jahlil, he was in his mother’s arms with his 18 month old baby brother when the roof collapsed on him. Still in shock, William is remorseful for not having spoken to his son that day.

he was dead when I pulled him out of the rubble and his brother didn’t have a single scratch

A quote from William, father of Jahlil, three years old

His neighbors help him clean the land, others have come to bring him clothes, in addition to the support of his family. Each house has its history, some had already left the city, like the Lassiters, who see their roofs completely torn off. Their son and granddaughter Brooke are busy cleaning up and getting rid of the rubble in the house.

House totally destroyed

Three-year-old Jahlil was found dead under the rubble of his home

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Azeb Wolde-Giorghis

A little further on, the employees of the Carr’s Steak House were celebrating their party Christmas Friday night. Owner Daniel Carr took no chances when he heard that a tornado was heading towards Mayfield. He sent them all home as quickly as possible.

With the key on the restaurant lock, the tornado struck seven minutes later. There is only a heap of debris left from the restaurant, and a few lemons that the employees pulled out of the rubble.

Restaurant completely destroyed in Mayfield

Carr’s Steak House is just a heap of debris

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Azeb Wolde-Giorghis

In a few minutes, the inhabitants of this city saw their life turned upside down. But despite the grief and devastation, the resilience is there. We will rebuild everything quickly, said Brook. We have to keep our spirits up and hold on, it will pass.

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