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Meta ordered to pay $235.3 million for patent infringement


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, was ordered on Wednesday to pay US$174.5 million (C$235.3 million) in damages to Voxer, an app that accuses the tech giant of copied his patents.

Texas jury finds Meta copied style messaging patents walkie-talkie in its live streaming features, on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. The trial opened in Austin last week.

We believe that the evidence presented at the trial shows that Meta did not infringe Voxer’s patents. »

A quote from A spokesperson for Meta

Voxer had launched lawsuits in 2020, ensuring that the Californian group had used its patented technology after the failure of an attempt to collaborate between the two companies in 2012.

The mobile application allows transmission of audio and video communications with the immediacy of live and the reliability and ease of messagingaccording to the complaint, including under poor network conditions and even if the recipient is unavailable.

Voxer explains that she was contacted by Facebook shortly after the launch of her service in 2011, which was a immediate success.

The young shoot would then have provided the details of its technologies to the social network, but the meetings did not result in an agreementdetail its lawyers.

Facebook then identified Voxer as a competitor even though it had no live video or audio tools at the time. »

A quote from Excerpt from the complaint

Facebook revoked Voxer’s access to key elements of the platform and launched Facebook Live in 2015 and then Instagram Live in 2016. Both products incorporate Voxer’s technologies and infringe its patentsasserts the complainant.

Meta intends to appeal, a spokesperson told AFP.

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