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Meta unveils one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers


This supercomputer, called the RSC (Research SuperCluster), will allow Meta to use data from its various platforms, especially the Facebook social network, to train AI engines, particularly in the field of language processing or ‘picture.

While our previous artificial intelligence research infrastructure only used open data and other publicly available datasets, [RSC permettra] use real-world examples from Meta platforms, the group said.

This is the first time that performance, reliability, security and privacy have been considered on such a scale., Meta said in a statement.

AI engines are driven by ingesting massive amounts of data. For example, text for language processing models, or video images for machine vision models.

A room is filled with computers.

The supercomputer, called Meta’s RSC (Research SuperCluster)

Photo: Meta

Eventually, the RSC will be able to train AI engines taking into account more than a trillion parameters in datasets up to 1 exabyte, the equivalent of000 years of high definition video”,”text”:”36000 years of high definition video”}}”>36,000 years of high definition video, according to Meta.

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The machine must make it possible to build systems offering real-time translation for many people speaking different languages, allowing them to work together simultaneously […] or play an augmented reality game together, explained the American group.

The Path to the Metaverse

[Le RSC] pave the way to build technologies for the next great digital platform, the metaverse, where applications and products using artificial intelligence will play an important role, we added.

The metaverse, Meta’s favorite project, Mark Zuckerberg, designates a digital world as a backup to the physical world, where Internet users can interact, regardless of their geographical position.

According to the engineering department of Meta, the power of the RSC places it today at the level of the American Perlmutter, the fifth supercomputer in the world in terms of computing power, according to the TOP500 list which is a reference in the matter.

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With the planned improvements, it will become to our knowledge the most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer in the world, believes Meta.

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