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Metavers: major investment by Sony and Lego in Epic Games


These new online universes, accessible through augmented and virtual reality, are the subject of massive investments by big names in technology, such as Facebook, who see in them the future of the sector.

In the form of video games like Fortnitethe metaverse – contraction of meta and universe – already exists in a minimalist way and people who meet there not only to play, but also to interact and participate in events.

This fundraiser aims to advance the company’s goal of building the metaverse and supporting its continued growthsay Lego, Sony and Kirkbi – the holding company holding the world’s number one toy, Lego.

Sony, already a shareholder of Epic Games, and Kirkbi, a new entrant, are each investing 1.25 billion Canadian dollars, as the three groups specify in a joint press release.

All three of them greatly value creators and gamers alike, and want to create new social entertainment by exploring the connection between the digital and physical worlds.they add.

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The investment brings the valuation of Epic Games to 40 billion Canadian dollars, as specified by the American publisher.

With 350 million users worldwide, his game Fortnitewhile free to download, generates billions in revenue through the ability to purchase additional items, including character outfits.

The game quickly became a global phenomenon, to the point that some games are now followed live by millions of people.

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