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Mexico: dismantling of a migrant camp on the American border


A camp of about 380 migrants, mostly Mexican and Central American, was dismantled by authorities on Sunday in Tijuana, near Mexico’s border with the United States, they said.

There are people who have started to leave and climb of their own free will, without resorting to public force, in the trucks that go to the various sheltersthe mayor of the city, Montserrat Caballero, told the press.

The decision, however, aroused the discontent of migrants who had been living in this camp set up for just under a year.

After the eviction, authorities began destroying tents used by migrants as well as clothing and various items such as televisions and furniture.

In the morning, the authorities of the National Institute for Migration (INM) had announced to the migrants that they could only take three spare clothes to the shelters where they would be relocated.

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Many migrants, mostly from Central America, cross into Mexico in an attempt to seek asylum in the United States in the face of violence and poverty in their country.

Along the way, they are sometimes victims of organized crime or of the Mexican authorities themselves, who have reinforced their operations to combat migratory flows.

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