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Michigan school shooting: shooter’s parents arrested


James and Jennifer Crumbley had been actively wanted since Friday by police and the FBI. The police finally located them in an industrial building in Detroit, about sixty kilometers from the scene of the shooting, not far from where their car had been spotted earlier.

The couple’s lawyers assured Friday that, contrary to what was reported, Ethan Crumbley’s parents were not on the run.

The Crumbleys left the night of the tragic shooting for their own safety, they said in a message to AFP on Friday evening.

They are returning to the region to be presented to a judge. They are not running away from the authorities despite what the media are reporting, they said.

However, the fact that they withdrew $ 4,000 when they left and turned off their phones suggested they were on the run, police officials noted on CNN.

They are each charged with four manslaughter for letting their son use a gun they bought, county prosecutor Karen McDonald said.

These charges are a message for people to understand that the moment they have a gun, they are responsible for it., she added, denouncing a law inadequate of Michigan which does not require the keeping of a weapon under lock and key.

Ethan Crumbley, 15, killed four students in cold blood and injured six others as well as a teacher on Tuesday at school in Oxford, a small town north of Detroit.

He walked into the school and pulled the trigger corn other people contributed to this event and I intend to hold them to accountKaren McDonald said as she announced the lawsuits against the parents.

Ethan Crumbley was indicted for terrorist act and assassinations, and risks life imprisonment because he is being prosecuted as an adult. He pleads not guilty but has chosen to remain silent. He is being held in solitary confinement in the county jail in Pontiac.

Shootings remain a recurring scourge in the United States, where the right to own guns is constitutionally guaranteed. But lawsuits against relatives of their perpetrators are extremely rare.

James Crumbley had bought the previous Friday, the day of the big promotions of the Black friday, a Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol as an anticipated Christmas present for his son.

After the purchase, the teenager posted images of the weapon on social media, calling it beauty.

Police said he had recorded a video the day before the shooting on his cell phone announcing his intention to use his gun at school, without posting it on the Internet.

The next morning, Ethan Crumbley was summoned with his parents by the school administration, for drawings of a weapon and a bloody body accompanied by a smiling emoticon, as well as messages referring to death: Help me my life is useless the world is dead blood everywhere, said the prosecutor.

To think that a parent could read these words knowing their son had access to a lethal weapon he gave them is incomprehensible, and I think it’s a crime., she asserted.

She also criticizes the parents for not having at that time asked their son where his gun was, which was in his backpack.

Two hours after the meeting, he had come out of the toilet, gun in hand, methodically progressing through the school hallways, shooting at students and at the doors of the classrooms where some had barricaded themselves. He fired at least 30 bullets.

According to the police, he had aimed at random, without choosing previously identified victims.

Upon news of a school shooting, Jennifer Crumbley texted her son, writing Ethan, don’t do it. His father then reported to the police the disappearance of the pistol from the drawer where it was stored.

The tragedy created an atmosphere of psychosis in Michigan, where authorities are flooded messages reporting threats against schools.

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