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Microsoft launches a range of computer accessories adapted


In terms of suitable accessories, Microsoft is doing well against opponents like PlayStation and Nintendo, especially with its adaptive controller for the Xbox video game console. The company persists and signs by unveiling a new range of products, including a mouse, designed for the different needs of people living with disabilities.

We learned a lot during the Xbox Adaptive Controller design process and wanted to take those lessons further, applying them to all aspects of a person’s life.Microsoft said in a blog post.

The giant is therefore launching three new accessories, namely a mouse, buttons and a docking station, all of which it describes as tools very customizable and easy to use.

The mouse has a tail which allows the wrist to rest. It can also be equipped with a thumb rest (interchangeable for left or right handed people), which makes it look like a regular mouse, and is designed so that 3D printed accessories can be attached to it.

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Microsoft also unveiled its easy-to-press buttons, which, once programmed, can perform complex keyboard shortcuts. 3D printed accessories can also easily be added.

The last device presented by Microsoft, the docking station, is a rectangular block comprising several ports and buttons. These include three USB-C sockets and a Bluetooth button that’s easy to press and recognize by touch. It can therefore serve as a gateway between the buttons, the laptop and the telephone, for example.

The objective is to allow people who have difficulty using a regular mouse and keyboard to create their ideal setup, increase their productivity and use their favorite applications more efficientlymentions the company.

Microsoft is not stopping there: the company has also announced the opening of a new inclusive technology lab to continue its inclusiveness work.

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