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Microsoft unveils sales of its Xbox One console… seven years later


It was therefore the Japanese company that won the last round of the console war.

Microsoft stopped disclosing Xbox One sales figures in 2016, instead highlighting new subscriptions to Xbox Live, its online multiplayer service. Microsoft, however, had to break the silence by submitting documents to Brazil’s national competition regulator in the wake of the acquisition of developer Activision-Blizzard (Call of Duty) by the American giant.

The PlayStation 4 pro.

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has sold 117.2 million units, according to March 2022 figures.

Photo: Sony

Sony has overtaken Microsoft in console sales, having sold more than twice as many last-gen PlayStationsMicrosoft admitted in a court document in Portuguese (New window).

Microsoft has the wind in its sails

Everything indicates that Microsoft is on the right track to catch up with its new Xbox Series X and S consoles, which hold their own against its opponent, the PlayStation 5.

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Xbox CEO Satya Nadella even said during the company’s latest presentation of numbers that Microsoft has was the market leader in North America for three consecutive quarters among next-gen consoleswithout however revealing official figures.

According to market research firm Ampere Analysis (New window), Sony ended 2021 with cumulative PS5 sales reaching 17 million units, around 1.6 times the sales performance of Xbox Serieswhich suggests better results for the American company.

The documents submitted to the Brazilian regulator also claim that Sony would pay sums of money for blocking rightsin order to prevent developers from adding their content to Xbox Game Pass, the cloud gaming subscription (clouds) from Xbox.

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