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Migrants found in trailer in Texas: death toll rises to 50 | The migrant crisis


The others are not yet identified. added Marcelo Ebrard on Twitter, who shared the information that the American authorities provided to him. We are in mourning. A huge tragedy. Mexico joins the US investigation, led by the [département américain de la Sécurité intérieure].

The first assessment, Monday evening, was 46 dead. However, it rose to 50 on Tuesday morning. Two additional bodies were found at the scene and two people died in hospital, according to CNN. Fourteen people are still hospitalized, suffering from heatstroke and exhaustion, in particular. Four children were among those hospitalized on Monday evening, but the ages of the two people who have since died there are unknown.

The assessment remains preliminary, according to the authorities.

I’m heartbroken and praying for those who are still fighting for their lives said US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on his social media. Far too many lives have been lost for these individuals – including families, women and children – undertaking this dangerous journey.

US President Joe Biden, currently at the top of theNATO in Madrid, called on Tuesday in a statement to fight the multi-billion dollar criminal trafficking that exploits migrants and costs far too many innocent lives.

The first information is that this tragedy was caused by […] traffickers who have no regard for the lives they endanger and exploit for profit. »

A quote from Joe Biden, President of the United States

The American authorities are still trying to find out the origin and the route of the truck, in particular to find out how long the migrants were locked up there.

An ongoing migration crisis

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday morning blamed the poverty and despair for this drama, but also lack of control the United States.

This happens because there is human trafficking and a lack of control, in this case at the border, but also inside the United States. »

A quote from Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexican President

The migration situation is such in San Antonio that a security guard who works in a lumber yard just off the stage, Edward Reyna, told the BBC he wasn’t surprised to hear the news as he started his shift on Monday. evening.

He added that he could no longer count the number of times he had seen migrants jump from the train which passed a few meters from where the truck was found.

I knew that sooner or later something would happen. The smugglers who bring them here don’t care.

A train passes close to the scene where dozens of migrants were found dead in a trailer in San Antonio, Texas.


The I-35 highway, which runs very close to the stage and crosses the city of San Antonio from the Mexican border, is a popular corridor for smugglers, particularly because of the large volume of trucks that pass through it every day. , according to a former Border Services and Immigration (ICE) investigator, Jack Station.

In May, a record 239,000 undocumented migrants crossing the border from Mexico were detained in the United States.

At least 650 migrants died last year trying to reach the United States, hoping for a better future, according to the UN.

The migration crisis has also been a thorn in the side of US President Joe Biden since he came to power in January 2021. He then promised to reverse certain migration policies introduced by his predecessor, Donald Trump, but has since himself under fire from criticism from Republicans and calls for action from Democrats.

The Mexican president confirmed that he will participate in a meeting with his American counterpart on July 12 to discuss the situation.

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