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Minecraft no longer allows JNFs, considered contrary to the “spirit” of the game


According to a blog post published Wednesday evening, gamers are using the technology of JNFvery popular for 18 months, to sell elements created on the platform.

These include virtual objects that allow, among other things, to change the appearance of his avatar, both physically and his outfit and the accessories he wears.

These creations can be purchased on the platform using Minecoinsthe virtual currency of Minecraft. the Minecoin is acquired in exchange for traditional currencies, such as the dollar.

A model in conflict with the mind of Minecraft

For those responsible for Minecraftpublished by the Swedish company Mojang Studios and acquired by Microsoft in 2014, the JNFcan create a pattern of scarcity and exclusion that conflicts with the rules and the spirit Game.

These associate a digital object – image, video, text, or piece of music – with a certificate of authenticity which guarantees its sole holder official ownership.

The use of JNF thus contravenes, according to the publishers, the mind of Minecraftnamely that ofa community where everyone has access to the same content.

A cave in Minecraft.

More than 200 million copies of the “Minecraft” game have been sold worldwide.

Photo: Nvidia

Gambling before profit

Officials are also concerned that the emergence of a market for JNF in Minecraft not’encourage profit and not divert attention from the game of his followers.

We also point out the risk of manipulation and fraud, already seen with some JNFthe price of which is artificially inflated.

The editors of Minecraft also indicate that they do not plan in the short term to allow the use of blockchains (blockchain in English), technology on which the JNFeven if they reserve the right to change their minds later.

Minecraft is the best-selling game in history, with over 200 million copies sold.

Several personalities from the world of video games have taken a stand against the use of JNF in this universe, in tune with many players, who see it as a mercantile enterprise.

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