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Minecraft videos exceed 1 trillion views on YouTube


000ans “,” text “:” If each of these views lasted only one second, that would represent more than 30000 years “}}”>If each of these views lasted only a second, it would be over 30,000 years., points out YouTube on its site.

It has come a long way since the first video about Minecraft was published on YouTube in 2009. In 2021, some 35,000 creators of content from 150 countries and territories participate in this community of video game enthusiasts.

According to YouTube, Minecraft is the origin of one of the largest communities on the platform and has fundamentally contributed to the development of its ecosystem. Recall that the game was the most watched live on YouTube and the most popular in 2020.

The Canadian population also had a role to play in this success, according to the company owned by Google. Canada’s aCookieGod, followed by some 1.7 million people, is among the most popular creators on YouTube in 2021 in terms of views.

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Denis is not giving up his place with 9.17 million followers on the platform, as is ExplodingTNT, which has some 5.2 million. Quebec designer Polo, whose videos are in French, stands out with 2.27 million subscribers.

A site created for the occasion

YouTube also highlights the contribution of the popular video game Minecraft on its platform through a data visualization site (New window) covering the timeline and evolution of the trend on the social video network.

In particular, it mentions the first women to publish content from Minecraft on YouTube, and Internet users can even estimate their contribution to the trillion views of these videos.

A three-dimensional animated video was also created by the platform to highlight the creators of the game’s content. Minecraft that stand out, but also to highlight strong moments in the community.

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