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Montreal employer of journalist killed in Haiti suspends activities


To pay tribute to its correspondent, Radio-Écoute FM has decided to suspend all its operations until new order.

To really ask the authority of our country to provide justice and when we look at a country like that, we ask ourselves when is it really going to stop?, said the managing director, Francky Attis.

Journalist John Wesley Amady, 32, had traveled to the outskirts of the capital, an area controlled by gangs, to report on the climate of insecurity, but the exact circumstances that led to his death are unclear. are not known, according to Attis. The latter explained in a statement that the journalist was killed and burned alive.

He’s a journalist who works for everyone. So he could really interview the gangs. He has always accompanied foreign journalists as an interpreter, as an accompanist to report in difficult neighborhoods like that., explains Francky Attis.

Street gangs have been ruling the law in Haiti, especially in Port-au-Prince, for several months. Freelance journalist Étienne Côté-Paluck, who lives on the Caribbean island, has seen this phenomenon.

Several parts of the capital are closed, police stations abandoned, people are afraid and especially that the rest of the territory, there is always the risk of kidnapping because it has become a bit of a cash cow of these groups, he testifies.

The grip of street gangs

The control of street gangs goes beyond the poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

The political crisis shaking this country has worsened further with the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse six months ago. The security situation has continued to deteriorate since.

Last Saturday, Prime Minister Ariel Henry denounced an assassination attempt against him during a ceremony celebrating the national holiday in Gonaïves, 150 kilometers north of the capital.

The Prime Minister and several officials had to be evacuated in the blasts of unidentified snipers.

The Haitian police, under-equipped, are unable to deal with criminal groups with an arsenal of war. No police operations have been carried out against the gangs since March 2021.

During an intervention against criminal groups, four police officers were killed and their bodies could never be recovered.

At least 950 kidnappings were recorded in Haiti in 2021, according to the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research, an organization based in Port-au-Prince.

With the report by Yessica Chavez

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