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More than 2,000 flights canceled at midday in the United States | Coronavirus


The situation remained extremely disturbed in the American sky on Sunday, the day back from vacation, and more than 2,000 flights in the United States had already been canceled by the end of the morning, between disruptions related to Omicron, strong winds, floods and snowstorms.

Shortly after 11:30 a.m. Washington time, 2,201 domestic flights, or to or from the United States, had already been canceled, almost as many as the 2,749 canceled the previous day across the day, according to the site. FlightAware.

This represents more than half of the 3,743 flights canceled worldwide at the same time (against 4,740 for the day on Saturday).

However, many flights, without being canceled, were late: 2386 for the United States alone, and 7770 for the whole planet.

The weather is particularly difficult this weekend in the United States, with many regions affected by heavy snowfall, high winds or flooding.

Thus, the Chicago airports, which were the most affected worldwide on Saturday due to a snowstorm, were, on Sunday, accompanied in the top ranking by other American airports: Denver (Colorado), Newark (Newark (Newark). Jersey), Atlanta (Georgia), Houston (Texas) and Detroit (Michigan).

Global air transport has also been very disrupted since Christmas by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, which is extremely contagious. Many pilots and flight attendants are absent after contracting COVID-19 or are in contact and therefore in quarantine, forcing companies that do not have enough staff to ensure flights to cancel.

About 7,500 flights were canceled by airlines around the world over the Christmas weekend.

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