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Moscow’s goals in Ukraine are “noble”, says Putin | War in Ukraine


The Russian president made these statements at the Vostochni cosmodrome, in the far east of his country, in the company of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, for the 51st anniversary of the first manned space flight, carried out by Yuri Gagarin.

The goals are absolutely clear and lofty. On the one hand, we help and save people, and on the other, we simply take measures to guarantee the security of Russia itself. It is clear that we had no choice. It was the right decision. »

A quote from Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Since its beginning on February 24, the war in Ukraine has caused thousands of victims, both among the soldiers of the two countries and among the civilian population. A quarter of the Ukrainian population has fled their homes, according to the UN, and the damage is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars.

In his comments, transmitted by Russian television, the master of the Kremlin nevertheless defended his decision to launch the war – described as a special military operation – and said that he had no no doubt Russia would win.

However, he did not repeat that the objective of the war was to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, as he had said at the beginning of the conflict. The prospect of a military takeover of Ukraine by Russia has suffered a severe blow since Russian troops withdrew from the vicinity of the capital kyiv.

Without referring to this withdrawal, considered a severe defeat by many Western military analysts, Mr. Putin praised the struggle courageous, professional, efficient Russian officers who take part in the war.

Our file War in Ukraine

Since the start of the conflict, the Ukrainian government has instead accused the Russian military of committing several war crimes, including bombing a maternity ward and a theater housing civilians in Mariupol, executing civilians in the suburbs of kyiv, including in Boucha.

The determination shown Tuesday by President Putin corresponds to the impressions transmitted Monday by Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, after a meeting with Mr. Putin in Moscow.

He admitted to not having an optimistic impression after this discussionA massive offensive is obviously being prepared in eastern Ukraine”,”text”:”hard and direct “A massive offensive is obviously being prepared in eastern Ukraine”}}”>hard and direct “A massive offensive is obviously being prepared in eastern Ukrainehe dropped.

Mr. Putin’s visit to the Vostochni cosmodrome also allowed him to present the image of a Russia capable of overcoming technological challenges, despite the imposition of sanctions by Western countries.

The Soviet Union obtained grand successes in space despite its total technological isolation , he launched to the workers of the cosmodrome. Moscow will move forward with its goal of landing a module on the moon later this year.

We are not going to isolate ourselves, and it is generally impossible to isolate anyone in the modern world, let alone a large country like Russiahe argued.

Before the speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again called on his foreign allies to send him more weapons to resist Russian forces.

We’re not getting as much as we need to end this war any fasterdid he declare.

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