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MultiVersus game’s expected debut will be on August 15


This season – the term used to designate the periods during which it is possible to accumulate points for players – was originally supposed to start on August 9th. The developer had however announced a postponement, five days before the official launch, without giving any explanation.

Player First also let it be known that not all Season 1 content will be available until August 15. Rick’s debut (from the cartoon rick and morty) as a playable character are among the elements that will be added during the life of the season

A game like Super Smash

In MultiVersus, players face off in battles featuring characters from various Warner Bros. properties. In this category of video games, the Super Smash Bros series dominates by offering the same possibility with the different Nintendo characters, from Pikachu to Kirby.

It is therefore possible to see characters from the DC Comics universe, such as Batman and Wonder Woman, compete in the arena against Sammy (from the cartoon Scooby Doo), for example, or even Bugs Bunny and basketball player LeBron James, who was the headliner of Space basketball : A new era (Space Jam: A New Legacy).

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The main mode of the game consists of two-on-two clashes, but a duel mode and a battle royale mode are also offered.

MultiVersus was announced in November 2021, after numerous rumors and information leaks made the rounds of the web. A public test period was held last July. The reactions were mostly positive, and MultiVersus already has more than five million players.

The game is available for free on the PlayStation4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X and S, as well as on PC since July 15.

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