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NATO’s new strategic concept singles out Russia as main threat | War in Ukraine


This change in the strategic concept of the Transatlantic Alliance, the first since the Lisbon summit in 2010, testifies to a drastic modification in the approach of the group of 30 countries which is explained by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the rise of China.

This previous concept stated that NATO intended to establish a true strategic partnership with Russia, which relied on respect for democratic principles and sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states in the Euro-Atlantic area. He made no mention of China.

Twelve years later, the allies conclude rather than Moscow seeks to establish spheres of influence and direct control through coercion, subversion, aggression and annexation using conventional, computer and hybrid means against us and our partners.

Its coercive military posture, rhetoric and proven willingness to pursue political goals undermine the international order based on the rule of law. »

A quote from Excerpt from the NATO Strategic Concept

NATO nevertheless asserts that NATO does not seek a confrontation and poses no threat to Russia.

Relations between Moscow and NATO were considerably tense after the 2014 war in Ukraine, which notably ended in the annexation of Crimea by Moscow. However, NATO had not changed its strategic concept.

The Transatlantic Alliance also stresses that China employs a wide range of political, economic and military tools to increase its international influence […] while remaining opaque on its intentions, its strategy and its military reinforcement.

It also highlights cyberattacks maliciousthe disinformation and the confrontational rhetoric of Beijing, as well as its desire to control key technological and industrial sectors, critical infrastructures, as well as strategic materials and supply chains.

China is not an adversary, but we must take into account the consequences for our security when we see (the) heavy investment in new military equipment and attempt to control critical infrastructure such as 5G networksexplained the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, at the opening of the summit of the leaders of the 30 member countries.

Our file War in Ukraine

kyiv delighted, Moscow irritated

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kouleba, hailed the lucid stance of NATO on Russia. Today in Madrid, NATO proved that it can take difficult but essential decisionshe wrote on Twitter.

Invited a few hours earlier to speak to the leaders of the Alliance by videoconference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had asked for increased military and financial support to enable Ukraine to resist the russian artillery.

The member countries of the Alliance have moreover announced a new aid plan for kyiv through the delivery of non-lethal military equipment and aiming to improve defenses Ukrainians against cyberattacks.

Russia’s appalling cruelty is causing immense human suffering and mass displacement, disproportionately affecting women and children. [La Russie porte] full responsibility for this humanitarian catastrophe. »

A quote from Joint declaration of NATO member countries

Ukraine can count on us for as long as it takesassured NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference.

NATO leaders also confirmed on Wednesday the process of joining Sweden and Finland, made possible by the lifting of the Turkish veto on Tuesday evening. With this development, the enlargement of the Alliance is only a formality.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov sharply criticized the decision, which puts NATO on Russia’s doorstep along the 1,340-kilometre border that separates it from Finland.

We consider the enlargement of the alliance to be deeply destabilizing for international affairs. This does not reinforce the security of those who enlarge, nor that of those who join, nor that of those who consider the alliance as a threat. »

A quote from Sergey Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Madrid summit cements course for aggressive bloc containment of Russia Atlantic, he added.

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