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New clashes in Ecuador, an attempted “coup” says the president


As the day before, to the throwing of stones, firework mortars and objects of all kinds thrown by the protesters, the police responded with water cannons and tear gas and sound grenades, AFP noted at the end of the week. ‘afternoon.

But around 6 p.m. (local time), the clashes had clearly decreased in intensity. Isolated clashes continued here and there with small groups of demonstrators.

Supporting video broadcast on its Twitter account, the police denounced the intrusion of demonstrators into the Egyptian embassy, ​​​​neighboring the place of the clashes, from which they attack law enforcement with explosives.

The purpose of all this violence is to carry out a coupsaid Mr. Lasso, in an address on public media, calling on the international community to act against this attempt to destabilize democracy in Ecuador.

Nearly 14,000 indigenous demonstrators are mobilized across the country to protest against the rising cost of living and demand in particular a drop in fuel prices, according to the police who estimate their number at nearly 10,000 in the capital.

The violence left six dead and dozens injured, while Quito is largely paralyzed and its access blocked by numerous roadblocks.

The leader of the movement, Leonidas Iza, head of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), spearhead organization of the demonstrations, warned Friday in an interview with AFP that the mobilization will last until you get results.

Iza no longer controls the situation. He no longer has any control over the protests and criminality his irresponsible actions have generatedaccused President Lasso, warning that the government would use all the legal means at his disposal to confront the vandals.

However, he repeated again to be open to reach a dialogue with concrete resultscalling his native siblings at return to their communities.

We fight to survive

Small producers are in bad shape, prices are high, we are fighting to surviveshouted Carlos Pilla, a native from Tungurahua (south). If we have a positive response today, we will leave today, in peace and with our heads held high..

We can no longer contain the anger of the people. Outrage is beyond our control and the control of our organizationsaffirmed for his part the leader of CONAIE, judging that the Aboriginal peoples felt cheated by months of fruitless discussions with the government on the rise in the cost of living.

They don’t want to talk […] They don’t want peace. So far the only thing they’ve shown is that they want violencedenounced in the morning the Minister of Government Affairs, Francisco Jimenez, on a local radio.

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The army, for its part, indicated that soldiers who provided security for a road convoy were assaulted by a violent group Thursday in Caspigasi, a suburb of Quito, and that 17 soldiers were seriously injured.

The objective of this convoy, coming from the northwest of Quito,trucks that are stuck on this road”,”text”:”was to allow the logistics flow of more than 1000 trucks that are stuck on this road”}}”>was to allow the logistics flow of more than 1000 trucks that are stuck on this roadwhich seriously affects the supply of the capital, according to the army, while certain districts begin to suffer from shortages.

The government assures that protesters’ demands, just on fuel, would cost the state more than a billion dollars a year.

To complicate the situation, and possible discussions, Guillermo Lasso, diagnosed positive for COVID-19, has since Wednesday been forced into isolation.

The conservative president in power for a year, sees in this revolt an attempt to overthrow him. Between 1997 and 2005, three Ecuadorian presidents had to step down under pressure from indigenous peoples.

However, he can count on the support of the military who warned the demonstrators, accusing them of representing a serious danger for democracy.

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