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New Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple trailer revealed


Pokémon unveiled a new preview of its titles in the works during an online event Scarlet and Purple. Fidough, a new Pokémon halfway between a dog and a pastry, stole the show.

Players will begin their adventure in the Paldea region, a land of vast open spaces dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands and mountain rangesdescribed in the press release.

The trailer unveiled a kind of university for trainers, named Naranja Academy or Uva (depending on the game). A treasure hunt is organized to catch new Pokémon, including the Fidough puppies, which have already won the hearts of Internet users. These Pokémon have skin with elastic properties and they intimidate their opponents by inflating their bodies to appear tallerdescribed Pokémon in a tweet.

All Pokémon in Paldea will be able to transform into sparkling crystal in order to acquire special powers.

New game mechanics

As these titles are the first open-world role-playing games in the Pokémon series, the way to face gym leaders will be different: players can choose the order to challenge them. However, it will always be for the same purpose, which is to become a Pokémon champion.

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Players will also be able to compete against trainers from all over the world, or invite up to three other relatives to venture into the same space with the Poké Portals.

Video games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple will be released on the Nintendo Switch console on November 18.

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