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New Start Treaty: Moscow suspends US inspections of its military sites


Russia officially informed on Monday the United States that all its sites subject to inspections under the treaty new start will be temporarily exemptRussian diplomacy said in a statement.

These include missile launch bases, as well as air and naval bases where nuclear missiles are deployed.

This announcement comes in full Russian offensive in Ukraine underway since February 24 and while Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to praise the new weapons invincible developed by Russia.

American obstacles to Russian inspections

The Russian Federation is obliged to resort to this measure […] due to existing realities that create unilateral advantages for the United States and deprive Russia of its right to carry out inspections on American territorythe statement said.

Russian diplomacy cites in particular the obstacles to the travel of Russian inspectors and the difficulties linked to the issuance of visas, caused by the Western sanctions imposed on Moscow because of the Ukrainian conflict.

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American inspectors and the crew members of their planes do not have similar difficultiesassures the press release.

However, Russia very much appreciates the unique role of the treaty in relations between Moscow and Washington in the nuclear field, he underlines.

Once issues related to the resumption of inspections under the treaty are resolved, Russia will cancel immediately its decision announced on Monday, says Russian diplomacy.

The Treaty new start is the latest bilateral agreement of its kind linking the world’s two main nuclear powers.

Signed in 2010, it limits the arsenals of the two nuclear powers to a maximum of 1,550 deployed warheads each, a reduction of almost 30% compared to the previous limit set in 2002. It also limits the number of launchers and heavy bombers to 800, which is still enough to destroy the Earth many times over.

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In January 2021, Vladimir Putin extended it for five years, until 2026.

Until now, Moscow and Washington each had the right to carry out a little less than twenty mutual inspections per year within the framework of this treaty.

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