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New treatments could emerge from a weak spot in COVID-19 | Coronavirus


The researchers add that studying this vulnerability could open the door to new treatments that would be effective against all strains of the disease which has killed an estimated 15 million people worldwide for more than two years.

The lead author of the article, Dr. Sriram Subramaniam, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of theUBC, explains that his team has studied the virus at the atomic level. She discovered a weak spot and identified an antibody fragment that can attach to it, and all of its other variants.

Dr Alain Lamarre, expert in immunology and virology at the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS), explains that this study is quite comprehensive [sur] the structure of the virus, especially where the virus uses to attach to human cells.

[Les scientifiques] have mapped the places that are essential for this process and the places that are likely to be the target of antibodies that are produced as a result of vaccination or infection and that prevent the virus from attaching. These are called neutralizing sites for the virushe explains.

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Antibodies attack viruses by attaching themselves to them like a key in a lock. They are no longer effective when the virus molts rapidly.

Dr. Subramaniam asserts that the weak point being present in the seven main variants of the SARS-CoV-2an antibody could then act as a master key capable of defeating all mutations.

The researcher believes that the research findings point to new avenues for treatments with the potential to be effective against current and future variants of the virus that cause COVID-19.

Dr. Alain Lamarre reminds us that, despite giant leaps, there is still a lot to learn. He gives the example of the mystery of the post-COVID-19 syndrome, commonly called COVID longwhich is likely to be a serious public health problem.

With information from The Canadian Press and the program West Lighthouse

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