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No, Nyquil chicken is not a real TikTok trend


It’s not a fad, people don’t cook Nyquil chicken saying it’s goodconfirms Jeff Yates, journalist at Décrypteurs(New window), the /TurnedNews.com program that tracks fake news. In short, it’s a joke, a post aimed at generating laughter and attention.

On TikTok, there are only two videos where we see someone pouring the drug on chicken breasts. The rest of the videos are just amazed and disgusted reactions to these two publications, which are several months old.

One of the videos, uploaded to the Reddit site(New window)is even two years old.

No cases of hospitalizations caused by Nyquil chicken are reported in the FDA’s online post. This is rather the warning from the FDA(New window) who drew attention to this joke, present on the Internet since 2017 on 4chan, a forum where dark and quirky humor reigns supreme.

The Buzzfeed site reported yesterday that TikTok(New window) had counted only five searches for chicken in Nyquil the day before the FDA release. At the start of this week, that number was 1,400 times higher.

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To make react

It wouldn’t be the first time that videos involving an absurd amount of food or unappetizing mixes have gone viral on TikTok; this is a strangely popular type of post on the social network. The purpose of these things is to make people react, says Jeff Yates. If only to generate attention.

For the journalist, this is another example of moral panic in reaction to this new social network used by young people.

There is something generational, adults understand the platform less, journalists are adults too, he says. Each platform has its culture, its cultural referents. From seeing propagated videos, if you don’t know the purpose of disgusting recipes on TikTok, maybe you don’t understand.

Let’s make it clear though: it’s not a good idea to cook chicken in Nyquil. The FDA is right to point out that even if you don’t eat it, cooking fumes can be dangerous and cause serious health problems.

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If you really want a great chicken recipe that will impress your social circle, try this shish taouk chicken recipe insteadlike in a restaurant.

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