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North Korea fires unidentified projectile, says South Korean military


The projectile was fired into the sea to the east of the peninsula (Sea of ​​Japan, or East Sea as the Korean term calls it), South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a press release, without giving more details immediately.

The Japanese coast guard said they had spotted what appear to be ballistic missiles fired from North Korea, and asked ships in the area not to approach suspicious objects.

In 2021, North Korea said it had successfully tested a new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile, long-range cruise missile, train-launched weapon, and claimed to be a hypersonic warhead. .

This new attempt comes as North Korea has not responded to Washington’s offer to meet with US officials to negotiate with Pyongyang.

Strengthen military capabilities

At an important meeting of the ruling party last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un affirmed his willingness to strengthen the military capabilities of his country, which is still under international sanctions.

Negotiations with the United States have stalled since the failure in 2019 of the meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, then President of the United States.

Since President Joe Biden took office a year ago, the United States has repeatedly declared its readiness to meet with North Korean officials.

But Pyongyang has so far rejected the offer, accusing Washington of carrying out policies. hostile.

In a speech last week after a plenary meeting of the Workers’ Party, Kim Jong-un said he wanted to continue his weapons program, but did not mention the United States.

He confined himself to asserting that he kept in mind the military environment on the Korean Peninsula and the international situation.

Unlike in previous years, when his New Year’s address focused on foreign policy, the leader made economic development and the food situation his priority.

The North Korean regime, which is under international sanctions for its banned military programs, suffers from food shortages.

The pressure on its economy has been heightened by the orderly border closures to combat the pandemic, but that has not stopped Pyongyang from expanding its weapons program, according to a United Nations report released in October.

The North Korean leader admitted in June that his country was facing a tense food situation.

In October, a UN human rights expert warned that the most vulnerable were threatened with famine.

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