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Norway: two dead and injured in a shooting in Oslo, according to the police


A suspect has been arrested, police said.

The shooter opened fire at a popular gay bar in downtown Oslo, the London Pubbefore getting out and continuing to shoot in an adjacent street, police spokesman Tore Barstad told the daily. Aftenposten.

I saw a man come in with a bag, he pulled out a gun and started shootingsaid Olav Roenneberg, a journalist for the NRK television channel.

The motives for the attack were not known.

We confirm that two people have diedOslo City Police wrote on Twitter.

Fourteen people were taken to hospital, with several seriously injured, police said.

Police officials gathered to reflect on the impact of this shooting on the holding of the pride march which is to take place on Saturday afternoon in Oslo.

He looked very determined on what he was aiming for. When I understood that it was serious, I ran. There was a bleeding man lying on the groundtold a woman who witnessed the scene to the newspaper Verdens Gang (VG).

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Another witness spoke to VG the use of an automatic weapon – information that the police have not confirmed – and spoke ofa war scene. There were plenty of injured people on the ground who had head injuries.he said.

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