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Omicron: group shots against Boris Johnson | Coronavirus


For several days, the revelations have been piling up in the newspapers on several parties which would have been organized in the heart of power in November and December 2020, in a United Kingdom cordoned off due to the coronavirus, where almost 146,000 people have died.

Supposed watered celebrations, which would have gathered around forty people in Downing Street on December 18, outraged the opinion all the more that the British were then deprived of a family reunion for Christmas.

A few hours after apologizing for the broadcast of a video in which a counselor joked about the party, Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced a tightening of restrictions on the Omicron variant, whose exponential progression could shake the public health service.

Conservative MPs attack the Prime Minister

The British will have to return to telecommuting, show a health passport in large gathering places like stadiums and nightclubs and wear a mask in most closed places except pubs and restaurants.

At the same time, fueling the confusion ahead of the holidays, Boris Johnson felt OK to maintain Christmas parties, a very British tradition, on condition of being careful.

The new turn of the screw goes badly with dozens of deputies of the conservative majority, worried about its economic impact and already scalded by previous scandals involving the government, in lobbying in particular.

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Some of these elected officials also believe that the bad example set by the government risks undermining the respect of the restrictions by the population.

Why should the people at home listening to the Prime Minister and the Minister (of Health) do things that the people working at 10 Downing Street are unwilling to do?

A quote from Mark Harper, Conservative MP

The deputy believes that credibility government has took a hit.

The press is also getting involved

The restrictions are also ridiculed in the British press, which accuses the government of hypocrisy.

One rule for them, new rules for the rest of us, headlined Thursday Daily Mail. Another tabloid, The Sun, represents Boris Johnson as the Grinch : A rule for them. Do whatever you want until you get caught.

Don’t go to work, but go to parties, quipped him Daily Telegraph. The right-wing daily, close to power and of which Boris Johnson was a star columnist, even goes so far as to wonder if it is The beginning of the end for the conservative leader.

There is an intense, smelly end-of-regime smell emanating from Downing Street that cannot be ignored any longer. Why do all governments end up mistaking their constituents for fools?

A quote from Daily Telegraph

A prime minister weakened by scandals

While some opposition MPs have called for his resignation, Boris Johnson announced an internal investigation and promised consequences for those who did not follow the rules, claiming to have been insured Many times that there had been no party.

He defended himself for having accelerated the announcement of the new restrictions in order to distract attention.

This new affair is calamitous for the leader, already weakened in the polls, with a majority in favor of his resignation.

So far, previous scandals had only rocked it. Like when his government was blasted for its dangerous business connections or when his former health minister Matt Hancock had to resign in June for an affair with an adviser, spread in all the media, despite the anti -COVID.

Additional tile, Boris Johnson was called to order Thursday by the Election Commission, regulator of the accounts of political parties, for the costly renovation of his official accommodation, financed by a private donation which the Conservative Party had not declared the total amount.

Only positive note, the leader and his wife announced Thursday the birth of a little girl, their second child and the seventh for him.

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