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On appeal, Parisian police officers accused of the rape of a Canadian still contest


Nicolas Redouane, 52, and Antoine Quirin, 43, two former agents of the prestigious Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI), were sentenced in 2019 to seven years in prison by the Paris Assize Court.

They appealed and are currently being retried by the Assize Court of Créteil, in the Paris suburbs.

As since the start of the case, the two defendants, heard on the merits for the first time during this appeal trial on Friday, denied any forced relationship with Emily Spanton, who accused them of rape on the evening of April 22, 2014.

Antoine Quirin claimed to have done nothing other than exchange intimate caresses with her in the car to return to thequai des Orfèvres”,”text”:”36quai des Orfèvres”}}’>36 Quai des Goldsmithsthe then famous headquarters of the Parisian judicial police, from the Irish pub where they had met.

At no time did I feel any rejection from himhe said at the bar.

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This digital penetration while he was driving is, according to Antoine Quirin, the only explanation for the fact that his DNA was found in the complainant’s vagina.

Implausible, according to the lawyers for the civil party, the DNA having been found at the bottom of the vagina.

The other accused, Nicolas Redouane, explained that he had received oral sex, with consent, from Emily Spanton in his office in 36where he had invited her.

If we go to the premises it is to continue the relationshiphe explained at the bar.

He had also texted another police officer inviting him to join them. She’s a cougher [partouzeuse, NDLR]. Hurry.

A way to do the roosterhe justified on Friday.

During their first hearings, the two men had not mentioned these sexual relations. For fear of the media fallout from the case on their private lives, they explained.

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On April 7, Emily Spanton, 42, explained that she had been in analysis for eight years to try to move on.

Unemployed, too busy with this legal case, she lives in Canada with her parents, from whom she never leaves. than to volunteer at church.

In tears, she had struggled to be precise when asked about the details of the rapes she denounces, explaining that she was doing psychotherapy for forget that night she still has nightmares about.

The verdict will be given on April 22.

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