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Open the locks of your favorite video games with Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking


Skyrim, Mass Effect, falloutMini-games where players have to rack their brains or use skills to unlock locks are ubiquitous in video games. Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking, a title launched on Steam this week pays homage to them, for better and for worse.

Sometimes true works of art and mechanics, locks in video games can also give players headaches.

The game Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking, from Dim Bulb Games, which aims to be an interactive virtual museum, brings together in one place several of these locks from games such as Wolfenstein, Gothic, Mass Effect, oblivion and many others. By circulating in corridors with a very sober design, we can discover how different studios have appropriated this common game mechanics over time.

Studio Dim Bulb Games first released the game in 2020 on itch.io, but it only hit Steam on Thursday in an upgraded version with more artifacts.

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It turns out that the museum mainly attracts the visit of developers, who use it as a research tool in order to bring out new ideas for lock mechanisms.

According to the specialized site Kotaku, Dim Bulb Games does not intend to stop there, the studio has planned to create other virtual museums on other common video game mechanics.

Those interested must shell out $11.49 on Steam to visit the interactive museum.

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