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Ottawa announces third set of sanctions against Moscow | War in Ukraine


We decided to tackle the wealth of Vladimir PutinPrime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a press briefing on Friday afternoon, who wants to prevent the Russian head of state from making money transfers – even if his assets in Canada are modest, he admits.

The president’s chief of staff will also be targeted by the new sanctions adopted by Canada. According to Justin Trudeau, these three men are the architects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which took on dramatic proportions this week.

The Prime Minister particularly criticizes Vladimir Putin for havingyears of peace [en Europe] by invading a peaceful neighbour”,”text”:”decided to end 75 years of peace [en Europe] by invading a peaceful neighbor”}}”>decided to end 75 years of peace [en Europe] by invading a peaceful neighbor.

President Putin’s disregard for freedom, democracy, international law and human life must have consequences. »

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Ottawa strongly presses Russia’s withdrawal from the SWIFT international banking system, the prime minister also said. According to him, such a measure will result in the fact that he will be even more difficult for President Putin to finance his brutalities.

We want to make sure we suffocate the Russian regimesummarized the Minister of Global Affairs, Mélanie Joly, who accompanied Justin Trudeau on Friday.

Mélanie Joly at a press briefing alongside Prime Minister Trudeau.

The Russian Ministers of Justice, Finance and Defense are also targeted by Canadian and international sanctions, Mélanie Joly pointed out on Friday.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld

Canada will also impose additional sanctions on the leaders of Belarus who have ease the invasion this week: 57 people will be targeted, in addition to dozens of sanctions decreed in recent years against the dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko for human rights violations.

The federal government also intends to match donations made by individuals to the Red Cross to help bring humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the prime minister confirmed on Friday, speaking after discussing earlier in the day. with many leaders, including his British counterpart Boris Johnson.

Some 2,000 immigration applications approved so far

This is the third time this week that Ottawa has imposed economic sanctions against Russia.

On Thursday, Canada cracked down on 58 Russian individuals and entities, in addition to suspending all export permits for Russia, a measure whose impact is estimated at more than $700 million by Ottawa.

Ottawa also announced on Tuesday a first salvo of sanctions: a ban on transactions with pro-Russian separatist territories, sanctions against Russian parliamentarians and banks, and a ban on Canadians buying Russian debt.

Several other measures were adopted this week. On Friday, for example, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that he had already approved 2,000 applications from Ukrainian citizens and that additional means could be used to facilitate their immigration.

In a statement sent to the press, the New Democratic Party for its part called on the government to Automatically renew visitor, work and study permits for Ukrainians currently in Canada.

We are ready to support NATO

On the military level, the federal government announced on Tuesday the deployment in the coming weeks of a maximum of 460 additional soldiers in Europe, including 120 members of the Canadian Armed Forces attached to the Valcartier base, who will take the direction of Latvia from here 30 days.

Ottawa also has 3,400 military personnel in high alert status for a possible deployment in Europe.

The Atlantic Alliance has no not yet asked Canada to deploy them, said Defense Minister Anita Anand. Corn we are ready to support NATOshe said.

Due to developments in the international situation, the minister and her officials have canceled their appearance scheduled for Monday before the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence. The meeting will be postponed to a later datesaid the clerk of the committee.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Ukrainian soldiers are doing their best to defend themselves against the invader, as their country is located outside the borders of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization. But Russian troops stormed Kiev, the capital, and they are now trying to “take it”, according to President Zelensky.

Canadian athletes holding Canadian flags.

Interview with Olivier Dorgans, lawyer expert in economic sanctions.

Ukrainians in Canada speak out

According to Statistics Canada, 1.3 million people identify as being of Ukrainian origin in the country. Thus, the Ukrainian population in Canada would be the third largest in the world, after Ukraine and Russia.

The pressure is therefore strong on Justin Trudeau to actively participate in international efforts to support Kiev against the Russian invader.

The Ukrainian Congress of Canada had also invited Ottawa on Friday morning to remove Russia from the SWIFT international payment system and to deliver anti-aircraft, anti-rocket and naval defense systems to Ukraine, among others.

Currently, approximately 800 Canadian nationals are registered in Ukraine. However, registration is optional. It is also likely that several of them are no longer in Ukraine at present, as Ottawa has called on them to leave the country urgently in recent weeks.

Several protesters wave Ukrainian flags.

Protesters against the war in Ukraine made themselves heard Friday in front of the Russian consulate in Montreal.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Melissa François

On Friday, several demonstrations were organized in the country to denounce the war in Ukraine. Rallies notably took place in front of the Russian embassy in Ottawa and the Russian consulate in Montreal.

Liquor corporations in several provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Édouard, also announced their intention to remove Russian products from their shelves.

Finally, the Ukrainian flag was hoisted on various government and legislative buildings on Friday, including the parliaments of Quebec and Ottawa.

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