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Ottawa secures exit doors for Canadians in Ukraine


The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs has prepared a contingency plan to facilitate the exit of Canadian nationals from the country in the event of an emergency.

In recent days, Mélanie Joly has obtained assurances from her counterparts in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. If Canadians try to leave Ukraine in a hurry, they will be able to enter these four countries without hindrance, confirms the minister’s office.

Ottawa is also in discussions with, with another neighboring country, Moldova, to ensure that its borders are also open to Canadians who would be forced to flee due to a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Canadian government remains suspicious of the intentions of the Kremlin, which on Tuesday mentioned a troop withdrawal along the Ukrainian border.

We know that Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border. The threat is real and imminent. »

A quote from Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

I have taken note of President Putin’s remarks concerning his intentions. I call on Russia to show evidence of this de-escalation and to engage in diplomatic discussions. Any further invasion of Ukraine will lead to swift and severe consequences, including coordinated economic sanctions added Minister Joly in a statement sent to TurnedNews.com.

Soldiers stand near a column of military tanks.

Russian units are ready to leave the Ukrainian border on February 15, 2022. Moscow gave no indication as to the number of forces involved and the timetable for the withdrawal.

Photo: Associated Press / Provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense

Many Canadians in Ukraine

Although tensions are still high and Ottawa has urged its citizens to leave Ukraine, there are still many of them in the country. Eight hundred Canadian nationals have formally reported being on Ukrainian soil, but government officials believe there are many more.

Mike O’Leary, a Canadian who has lived in Ukraine for seven years and works in the medical field, is not overly concerned about the escalating tensions. The 34-year-old lives in the west of the country in the city of Lviv, far from the conflict zone, where he feels safe. Things are very quiet. People live normally, as if nothing had happenedhe explains.

He constantly monitors the news. If an invasion were to occur, he would wait to see if the Russian military tried to advance towards the west of the country and the capital Kiev.

If this scenario comes to fruition, his plan is ready. He would go to Poland, whose border is located 80 kilometers from his home, or to Hungary.

I follow my instincts. When it’s time to leave, I’ll leave. »

A quote from Mike O’Leary, Canadian citizen living in Ukraine

Last Friday, Mélanie Joly urged Canadians in Ukraine to make arrangements to leave the country now.

On Sunday, Canada made the decision to temporarily relocate Canadian soldiers stationed in Ukraine elsewhere in Europe. They were taking part in a training mission for Ukrainian forces.

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