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Ottawa to send even more military equipment to Kiev | War in Ukraine


The new delivery will go through Poland, explained Sunday afternoon the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, during a virtual press briefing which was also attended by the Minister of National Defense, Anita Anand.

Ottawa has also approved the use of two Lockheed CC-130 Hercules military transport aircraft by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF): these aircraft will be used to deliver the additional non-lethal aid announced on Sunday and to support NATO more generally. , said Minister Anand.

The first shipment is scheduled for Monday.

The planes provided by Ottawa as well aspeople”,”text”:”a team of 40 to 50 people”}}”>a team of 40 to 50 people will be involved for a period of at least two weekssaid in the evening the Ministry of National Defense in an email sent to TurnedNews.com.

We intend to do more

This aid announced on Sunday is in addition to that already provided in recent weeks: Ottawa has so far offered some $10 million in weapons and equipment to Kiev, including $7.8 million in lethal equipment.

: we intend to do more”,”text”:”And let me be clear: we intend to do more”}}”>And I want to be clear: we intend to do moresaid Minister Joly on Sunday, after meeting with her counterparts from the G7 and Ukraine.

We are united. More united than ever before. Measures that were described as a “last resort” just days ago are now being implemented unhindered and in a coordinated manner. »

A quote from Mélanie Joly, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Asked about the subject, Minister Anand agreed that it was not impossible for Ottawa to proceed in the coming weeks with the granting of a new delivery of lethal weapons to Kiev. That being said, sending Canadian troops [en Ukraine] is not considered for now, she reiterated.

The Canadian Forces

Currently, 780 Canadian soldiers are deployed in Europe as part of the REASSURANCE mission, including 540 in Latvia, and up to 460 more will join them in the coming weeks.

In addition to the 120 members of the 5and Light artillery regiment that will be leaving Valcartier in the coming weeks, among the additional troops promised this week are 260 soldiers who will be deployed on HMCS Halifax towards the end of March. The vessel is currently in Nova Scotia.

In addition, 25 members of the 21and Electronic warfare regiment from the Ontario base in Kingston will be tasked with helping Ukraine counter the cyberattacks that the country has been the victim of for several weeks, the latest having been reported on Wednesday. They too will be deployed in Latvia.

Finally, a Lockheed CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft and its crew (approximately 40 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force) will be used. This device is currently in Keflavik, Iceland.

In addition to this deployment, 3,400 members of Canadian Armed Forces were mobilized. They will be deployed in Europe if NATO needs them.

As for the 200 soldiers participating in the UNIFIER training mission, they left Ukraine for Poland in the last few weeks.

Ottawa had announced at the end of January that 60 additional soldiers would join them, but the Ministry of Defense confirmed this week to TurnedNews.com that their deployment, given the circumstances, had been canceled.

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