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Outaouais abortion clinic ready to welcome Americans


At the Clinique des femmes de l’Outaouais, we say we are in solidarity with American women. Those who want to travel to the region for an abortion will always be welcome, says Executive Director Patricia LaRue.

I think it comes to take all of us to heart. It is a very important right for women. We are very sad. It scares us.

Patricia LaRue, from the Outaouais Women’s Clinic

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Rosalie Sinclair

However, this will not be without cost. Abortions are free for Canadian women who have a health insurance card. For Americans, it would cost between $705 and $1,000 depending on the method chosen. To this must be added the costs of coming to Canada.

There are other American states that will welcome them. It’s hard to plan who’s coming [ici]but those who need it will be welcomed with open arms.continues the woman who runs the only abortion clinic in the Outaouais.

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Patricia LaRue agrees, however, that these Americans will have to overcome certain barriers.

There is no clinic in all the cities of Quebec. The women will have to travel several hours. The service isn’t perfect either. There are still many barriers to making the service more accessibleshe agrees.

Citizens in solidarity

Women encountered in the streets of Ottawa also wanted to show their solidarity with these women from the country of Uncle Sam.

I am speechless. Without a word. It is not possible. It seems impossible to me, said Rachelle de Beausoleil on the invalidity of the Roe c. Wade.

I’m a little scared of what’s to come, but I’m more scared for American womenmentioned Charlotte Brault Lorensel.

A man, Ron Patterson, showed compassion, and seems to fear that such a decision will be made in Canada in the short or long term.

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I feel bad. To me, that’s unfair. It should be the women’s choice. I’m a little worried that it will become an issue in the next election.

With information from Rosalie Sinclair

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