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Over 200 people killed in attacks in Nigeria


Northwest and central Nigeria have for several years been the scene of bandits, who attack, loot and kidnap the inhabitants, whose cattle they steal and burn their houses.

It is horrible and tragic. More than 200 people were buried […] because of the invasion of bandits, said the spokesperson for Sadiya Umar Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

We are also concerned for the displaced people who are fleeing their communities by the hundreds., the minister said in a statement released on Saturday evening.

000 victims were also left homeless after their houses were razed by the bandits while dozens [d’autres personnes] are still missing “,” text “:” More than 10,000 victims were also left homeless after their homes were razed by the bandits while dozens [d’autres personnes] are still missing “}}”>More than 10,000 victims were also left homeless after their homes were razed to the ground by bandits as dozens [d’autres personnes] are still missing, he added.

Villagers testify

On Saturday, four residents told theFrance Media Agency that at least 140 people were killed by armed men, locally referred to as the bandits.

Hundreds of armed men who arrived on motorcycles launched attacks in ten villages in Anka and Bukkuyum districts from Wednesday to Thursday, shooting at residents, looting and burning houses, residents said.

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A resident of Kurfa Danya village, Babandi Hamidu, said the men were shooting at view on anyone they saw in the village.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday condemned the attacks he said were perpetrated by mass murderers which terrorize the populations of rural northwestern Nigeria.

Let me reassure these besieged communities and other Nigerians, this government will not abandon them to their fate, because we are more determined than ever to get rid of these outlaws.

A quote from Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria

On Wednesday, the government officially labeled the bandits operating in Nigeria from terrorists, in order to tighten the sanctions against the perpetrators of attacks, their informants and their supporters.

In the official journal, the activities of Yan Bindiga and Yan Ta’adda – terms meaning bandits in the local Hausa language – have been classified as acts of terrorism.

We called them terrorists […] we will treat them as suchPresident Buhari said on Nigerian television this week.

The Nigerian armed forces said this week it killed 537 armed bandits and other criminal elements and have arrested 374 others in the northwest since May 2020, while 452 abducted civilians rescued.

President Buhari, a 79-year-old former army general, is struggling to curb widespread insecurity in the country.

In addition to the fight against banditry, the Nigerian army is deployed on multiple fronts, particularly in the northeast, which has been the victim of a jihadist insurgency for more than ten years, and in the southeast, agitated by separatist movements.

Since the end of 2020, criminal gangs have also started targeting schools, kidnapping more than 1,400 students and sparking international outrage. Most have since been released, but hundreds remain in the hands of their captors.

Kabir Adamu, of Abuja-based security analyst Beacon Consulting Nigeria, said this week’s attacks could be a response to recent military operations to dislodge them from their strongholds in Zamfara state.

Most of them [les bandits], to take revenge, and perhaps because they risked certain death, decided to move to other areas and it is in this context that they seem to carry out these attacks, Adamu told theFrance Media Agency.

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