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Paul Mukendi prevented from holding event in Democratic Republic of Congo


His event, titled Don’t conform to the present century, was first to take place from December 16 to 18 at Showbuzz, a performance hall located in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The reservation was reportedly made in the name of the pastor’s company, the Ministry Paul Mukendi Inc. minor, they applied the brake.

It was out of the question that this event would take place in the room, ton Déo Kasongo, the owner of Showbuzz, during an interview with TurnedNews.com.

Paul Mukendi's advertisement for his

Paul Mukendi’s advertisement for his “Do not conform to the present century” event

Photo: Facebook / Ministry Paul Mukendi

His team then made a public update, in which it was stated that Paul Mukendi would not be allowed to speak at Showbuzz until his problems with Canadian justice were resolved.

Paul Mukendi’s team was quick to respond, says Kasongo: they would have initiated legal proceedings against the officials of Showbuzz, for allegedly damaging the reputation of the pastor.

A maneuver paradoxical, Judge Mr. Kasongo, since Paul Mukendi defends Canadian justice and refuses to comply. It’s a nice joke, sums up the businessman.

They have legal issues that they haven’t resolved, and on the other side, they [traînent] in justice of people, who by good sense, by ethics, by morals, refuse that they hold their activity.

A quote from Deo Kasongo, owner of the Showbuzz room

At present, this judicial process has still not succeeded, and Mr. Kasongo ensures that he sleeps soundly. Either way, it won’t go anywhere because their case doesn’t hold up, he said.

Second cancellation

Paul Mukendi then reserved a new place to hold his conference: the Pullman hotel, still in Kinshasa. The event was scheduled to start on Friday, December 17.

However, the same day, Paul Mukendi published a video in which he announced that the event was falling apart. The Pullman Hotel had canceled the gathering despite a formal contract, according to the pastor.

They said because of, I believe, COVID, this, that, too many reasons, the protest is called off, he says to the camera, while being sorry that his followers from various countries have made the trip in vain.

The pastor nevertheless promises that the event is only partly postponed. We’re going to find the room where there won’t be too many fuss, where there won’t be obscure stuff around explanations that we don’t understand.

We will find rooms with real patriots, real Congolese, where we can do our work.

A quote from Paul Mukendi, in a video posted on December 17, 2021

TurnedNews.com tried to reach the people in charge of the Pullman hotel, in vain. A front desk clerk simply mentioned that the event was canceled due to the pandemic.

When we reached the Ministry Paul Mukendi Inc. in DRC, the lady who answered refused to identify herself on the phone. She also hung up on TurnedNews.com as soon as the author of these lines introduced himself.

Paul Mukendi’s press secretary, Marie-Ève ​​Lepage, ignored our request for a reaction.

Difficult context

This new tile falls on Paul Mukendi while a petition has been circulating about him in the DRC for a few weeks.

Congolese citizens are calling on their country to arrest and bring to justice the pastor, who fled Canada on August 18, two days before the start of his eight-year prison sentence for sexual assault on a minor.

10 days ago, Paul Mukendi was convicted of a second sexual assault on an ex-devotee of his church and was sentenced to two additional years in prison.

The trial took place without him, because justice considers that he slipped away. When fleeing Canada, Paul Mukendi knew he had to appear in court in the fall for a second trial.

His two prison sentences, which therefore total 10 years, must be served consecutively. However, the pastor is currently free as the air in his country of origin, since Canada and the DRC do not have an extradition treaty.

The Quebec City Police Department says it has initiated steps with Interpol in order to obtain an international arrest warrant.

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