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PlayStation: novelties, adaptations and virtual reality during the State of Play


resident Evil

The confirmation – after years of rumors – of a new version of Resident Evil 4one of Capcom’s jewels released in 2005, is undoubtedly the most important announcement of this thirty-minute event.

The third-person shooter will feature secret agent Leon S. Kennedy, once again dispatched to a wilderness in Spain to rescue the daughter of the President of the United States, who has been kidnapped by a cult religious.

➤ Release date: March 23, 2023

Released last year on PS5, Resident Evil Village is it being adapted for the PS VR2, just like the sci-fi game No Man’s Skywhich was released on PS4 in 2016.

Two other upcoming Sony titles will also offer gamers immersive virtual reality experiences: Horizon Call of the Mountain and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Compensation.

As it concerns Resident Evil VillageSony explains on his blog (New window) that special joysticks will control the hands of the character.

You will now be able to perform dynamic actions such as shooting with a knife in your hand or holding a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other. »

A quote from playstation


Fans who prefer to play with mouse and keyboard are not left out as Sony will be releasing PC versions of the games later this year. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

These are the most recent PlayStation exclusives to be compatible on Windows, after in particular god of war, Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

street fighter

Six years after the release of the fifth chapter of the famous series of fighting games, which did not have the expected success, Sony promises that street fighter 6 will consist of more realistic characters and settings than before.

Several game modes are on the menu, including arcade, online battles and training, as well as two innovations: the World Tour and the Battle Hub.

Finally, street fighter 6 will include input from Fighting Game Community analysts to spice up the duels with their colorful live commentary.

➤ Coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2023

Final Fantasy

Fans of one of the most popular series in the history of video games will have to wait a little longer before getting their hands on Final Fantasy XVIwhose production was announced almost two years ago.

The wait is so painful for some fans that the game’s director, Hiroshi Takai, took the trouble to apologize to the gaming community in a message published Thursday. (New window)before getting to the heart of the matter.

In our latest trailer, we show you several Primes and give you an in-depth look at our thrilling combat system and the freedom it offers players.did he declare.

As for development, I’m pleased to report that the game is fully playable from start to finish. However, we still have a mountain of work, from optimization to fine-tuning the last details, to complete this final stage of finalization.

➤ Coming to PS5 Summer 2023

Fifteen games in total were the subject of Thursday’s State of Play. For more details, see the blog (New window) and the YouTube channel (New window) from PlayStation.

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