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Police arrest six members of Hong Kong news site


Police said in a statement they were allowed to search and seize any relevant journalistic material.

More than 200 police officers took part in this operation. Searches are ongoing, he added.

Sedition is not a crime under the new national security law imposed by Beijing in 2020.

Recent court rulings in Hong Kong, however, give authorities leeway to use provisions of the national security law for matters prior to its adoption – notably laws dating from the British colonial era relating to security. national security.

The TVB television channel reported that the former members of the board of directors of News stand Margaret NG, a former Democratic parliamentarian, and Denise Ho, a singer, as well as her interim editor Patrick Lam were among those arrested.

News stand said his deputy editor, Ronson Chan, also chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, was also arrested.

Police said in a separate statement that they had arrested three men and three women, aged 34 to 73, and that their homes were being searched.

A police spokesperson outside the premises of Stand News said that access to the offices was prohibited due to a operation in progress and declined to give further details.

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