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Post your squashed mosquitoes to better understand climate change


Dan Peach of the University of British Columbia says there are about 50 known species of mosquitoes in the province, but scientific knowledge is incomplete, both about the original and invasive species. .

He also believes that there are some unlisted species and he is counting on the citizens’ initiative he leads to identify them and get to know them better.

There are parts of the province where research has never been done [et d’autres] that were studied decades agohe points out.

To participate in Dan Peach’s research, the method is simple: crush mosquitoes, then send the remains by post.

The entomologist therefore asks British Columbians to send him the carcasses of biting insects to which they have dealt the deathblow.

The deadliest animal in the world

Dan Peach says he is particularly worried about the arrival of migratory mosquitoes in Canada because of climate change. These new undesirables could contribute to the spread of disease, he notes.

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It is definitely the deadliest animal in the worldhe explains. Mosquitoes have killed roughly half of the population that has ever lived on this planet.

To the funeral envelope, the scientist asks those who send him the remains of mosquitoes to add a note indicating the place and the moment when the insect died.

The samples received will be powdered to extract the DNA, which will be added to a database. Dan Peach thus wishes to establish the distribution of species and to be able to identify potential migrations.

With information from Winston Szeto and the show Radio West

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