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Prevent cells from aging to fight cancer


This complex named HTC (from the English hydride transfer complex) reprograms the metabolism and helps control cell senescence.

Researchers Gerardo Ferbeyre, Sebastian Igelmann (from the University of Montreal) and Ivan Topisirovic (McGill University) say their discovery gives hope for the creation of new cancer therapies.

Surprise in the laboratory

Most of the major metabolic cycles were identified over 50 years ago. The discovery by researchers Gerardo Ferbeyre, Sebastian Igelmann (UdM) and Ivan Topisirovic (McGill) is therefore unexpected.

We discovered this by performing advanced metabolomic analysis, that is, the study of chemical processes in cell metabolism., affirms Prof. Ivan Topisirovic in a press release published by the CHUM Research Center.

Prevent cells from suffocating

HTC protects cells from hypoxia, a lack of oxygen that normally leads to their death, explains Prof. Gerardo Ferbeyre.

But this complex can also be diverted by cancer cells to improve their metabolism. These malignant cells thus resist a hypoxic environment, which allows them to proliferate.

In their work, the researchers showed that a modulation of the complex can influence the development of cancer.

The best part is that inhibition of these enzymes stopped the growth of prostate cancer cells., adds Professor Ferbeyre. This implies that the HTC could be a privileged target for developing new therapies against a multitude of cancers, including prostate cancer.

Researchers now want to better understand the HTC by describing precisely and in high resolution its structure to design drugs capable of modulating its functions.

Cells that bring hope

When first observed, senescent cells were considered unnecessary and harmless. However, in the last decade, researchers have established links between these and cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Other research has also shown that removing senescent cells in aging mice prolongs their healthy lifespan.

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