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Quantas chooses Airbus and its A220 to renew its fleet


The Australian company Qantas Airways has announced that it has chosen Airbus as the preferred supplier for the renewal of its domestic fleet, to the detriment of Boeing for which this is a major setback.

The company has committed to purchase 20 A321XLR and 20 A220 aircraft, and have purchase options for 94 additional aircraft. It is now up to the board of directors to give its approval, expected by next June.

Deliveries would begin in mid-2023 and span ten years to renew an aging fleet of 75 Boeing 737s and 20 717s, Qantas Airways said.

This is a clear sign of our confidence in the future and we have decided to freeze prices before there is a surge in demand for next-generation narrow-body aircraft., said Alan Joyce, Managing Director of Qantas Airways.

The loss of this contract is a blow to the Boeing 737 MAX. It interrupts a string of sales since the aircraft was cleared for flight late last year, after being grounded for a long time for safety reasons, and means a further loss of aircraft market share to narrow fuselage for the benefit of Airbus.

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Boeing said it was disappointed with the Australian airline’s decision, but looked forward to continuing its long-standing partnership with Qantas Airways.

Airbus said it was honored by the choice of Qantas Airways.

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