Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Fascinating World of Pan’s Story!

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Welcome to our Quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge about Pan’s story. From her incredible adventures to her unique relationships with other characters, how well do you really know this fierce and determined heroine? Ready to challenge your Dragon Ball expertise? Let’s go!

Who are Pan’s parents in Dragon Ball?
Gohan and Videl
Goku and Chi-Chi
Krillin and
Vegeta and
Which Dragon Ball series did Pan first appear in?
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball GT
What is Pan’s relation to Goku?
How old was Pan at the end of Dragon Ball Z?
4 years old
10 years old
2 years old
Super Saiyan
Over 9000
Same as Goku
Who trained Pan in martial arts?

A Brief Overview of Pan’s Story in Dragon Ball

In the vast and sprawling world of Dragon Ball, Pan stands out as a unique character. Born as the granddaughter of the series’ primary protagonist, Goku, and the daughter of Gohan and Videl, she carries a significant lineage behind her. However, Pan’s role and storyline transcend her family connections, paving her own path as a formidable fighter and a compassionate character.

Her Role in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT

First introduced in the final episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Pan is shown as a young child exhibiting impressive martial arts skills. Despite her age, she plays a pivotal role in the plot of Dragon Ball GT as one of the main characters.

  • Throughout the series, Pan is shown to have inherited the Saiyan fighting spirit from her grandfather and father, displaying strength and determination in each battle.
  • She is one of the few characters in the series who never becomes a Super Saiyan, but she manages to hold her own in fights against powerful foes.
  • Pan’s compassionate side is also highlighted throughout the series as she forms deep relationships with other characters, including a special bond with her grandfather, Goku.
  • One of the significant arcs involving Pan is her transformation into a doll by the villainous Luud. Goku and Trunks rescue her, further highlighting her essential role in the series.

Post-Dragon Ball GT and Future

Pan’s story doesn’t end with the conclusion of Dragon Ball GT. In the series’ final episode, we see an adult Pan watching over Goku Jr., her grandson, symbolizing the continuation of Goku’s legacy. With the ongoing Dragon Ball series, fans eagerly await to see what lies in store for Pan’s character.

Now that you’ve brushed up on Pan’s story, it’s time to test your knowledge! Are you ready to take on the Dragon Ball Quiz?

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