Quiz: Are you able to identify these amazing scenes from the blockbuster “Zootopia”?

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Welcome to the ultimate Zootopia challenge! How well do you remember this animated classic? This quiz will test your knowledge, asking you to identify various scenes from the movie. Are you ready to dive deep into the vibrant, animal-filled universe of Zootopia? Let’s see how you fare!

What scene does Judy Hopps chase Weaselton through Little Rodentia?
Judy Hopps’ graduation ceremony
The Carrot Festival
The chase through Little Rodentia
The Gazelle concert
Which predator went savage first in Zootopia?
The lion mayor
Manchas the jaguar
the otter
Finnick the fennec fox
In which scene does Nick Wilde first reveal his backstory to Judy?
In the Natural History Museum
At the ZPD precinct
At the Mystic Springs Oasis
At the DMV run by sloths
Who is Duke Weaselton selling bootlegged movies to?
In which scene does Judy apologize to Nick under a bridge?
At the start of the movie
At Clawhauser’s birthday party
At the press conference
Under the bridge after leaving the ZPD
What does Judy have to do to become a real cop according to Bogo?
Solve a mystery in two days
Catch Duke Weaselton
Graduate from the police academy
Beat him in a foot race

Getting to Know ‘Zootopia’

Disney’s Zootopia is a groundbreaking animation that hit the big screens in 2016, capturing the hearts of a global audience. A city like no other, Zootopia is a melting pot where animals from every habitat live side by side, a place where no matter what you are – from the biggest elephant to the smallest shrew – you can be anything. But when optimistic Judy Hopps arrives, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. This quiz challenges your memory of the film’s most memorable scenes.

Iconic Scenes

  • The Opening Scene: Young Judy Hopps participates in a school play illustrating Zootopia’s history.
  • Police Academy Training: Judy Hopps goes through rigorous training to become Zootopia’s first rabbit police officer.
  • The DMV: Judy and Nick Wilde, a , visit the DMV run entirely by slow-moving sloths.
  • The Godfather Parody: Mr. Big, an who is the most fearsome in Tundratown, makes an appearance.
  • The Carrot Festival: Judy saves a sheep, her childhood friend, from a runaway carrot vehicle.

Remembering ‘Zootopia’

Now that you’ve refreshed your memory on some of the most iconic scenes in Disney’s Zootopia, are you ready to take on the challenge? The following quiz will test your knowledge and see how well you remember this animated blockbuster. Will you be able to recognize the scenes based on their descriptions? It’s time to find out!

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