Quiz: Dragon Ball – How well do you know the fascinating history of Cooler?

Welcome to the Quiz! Are you a true fan of this iconic series? This quiz focuses on one of the formidable villains, Cooler. Learn about his intriguing history, his confrontations with the Z-fighters, and his transformations. Test your knowledge and see if you really know the history of Cooler well. Challenge yourself and let’s start!

What is the name of Cooler’s transformation state?
Fourth Transformation
Ultimate Form
Super Cooler
Metal Cooler
Who are Cooler’s parents?
King Cold and Queen Frost
King Cold and Queen
King Cold and Queen Cold
King Vegeta and Queen Vegeta
What is Cooler’s relation to Frieza?
In which movie did Cooler first appear?
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge
Dragon Ball Z: – The Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’
What are Cooler’s signature techniques?
Death Beam and
Supernova Cooler and Death Chaser
Death Saucer and Kienzan
Who defeated Cooler in his first appearance?

Cooler: The Infamous Challenger of the Saiyans

Cooler is a captivating character from the Dragon Ball universe, first introduced in the 1991 movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge. As the eldest son of King Cold, and the older brother of Frieza, Cooler carries a mighty legacy within the notorious lineage of the Cold family.

  • Cooler differs from Frieza in his outlook towards pride and honor, often showcasing a more disciplined and serious nature.
  • Unlike Frieza, who was fearful of the Super Saiyan legend, Cooler was unafraid and even sought to challenge this powerful race.
  • In the original series, Cooler was never officially a part of the story. However, his popularity among fans led to his inclusion in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.
  • Cooler’s ultimate transformation, known as the ‘Fifth Form,’ is unique to him. This form elevates his power, speed, and abilities far beyond those of Frieza’s final form.
  • Throughout the series, Cooler made numerous attempts to eliminate Goku and cement his place as the strongest being in the universe.

By becoming more acquainted with Cooler’s history, you’ll advance your understanding of the Dragon Ball universe. His complex character, marked by a blend of ruthlessness and honor, makes him one of the most intriguing antagonists in the series. As you delve deeper into the Dragon Ball universe, you’ll surely recognize the significant impact Cooler has had on the story’s progression and the development of other characters.

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