Take Our Netflix Quiz: Is “You” One of Your Favorites?

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Welcome to our Quiz! Are you a fan of the thrilling series You? This quiz is designed to test your knowledge and find out if this gripping drama is among your favorites. Discover more about your viewing habits and enjoy this exciting quiz!

Who is the author of the book series You the series is based on?
Sally Rooney
Caroline Kepnes
John Grisham
What city is You primarily set in?
Los Angeles
Who does the character fall in love with in the first season?
Guinevere Beck
What does Joe Goldberg do for living?
Bookstore manager
What’s the name of the character played by Victoria Pedretti in the second season?
Love Quinn
Peach Salinger
A cage in the bookstore’s basement
A hidden room in his apartment
A storage unit in the city
Attic in the bookstore

About the Quiz

The You Netflix Quiz is an engaging, fun-filled activity designed to test your knowledge and love for the popular Netflix series, You. This hit psychological thriller has garnered a global fanbase and we are keen to find out if it’s among your favorites.

If you’ve religiously followed Joe Goldberg’s chilling journey, from the streets of New York to the golden coast of California, this quiz should be a breeze. Get ready to delve into the details of this dark, yet gripping series.

What to Expect?

  • Questions revolving around key plot points across all seasons
  • Character-based inquiries that will test your attention to detail
  • Challenging trivia about the series’ production and behind-the-scenes facts
  • Insights into how closely your personality aligns with the main characters

Why Take the Quiz?

Perhaps, you’re a hardcore fan who wants to prove how well you know the series. Maybe you’re new to the show and are curious about its allure. Either way, the You Netflix Quiz is a fantastic way to test your knowledge, engage with the fan community, and perhaps even see the show in a new .

So, are you ready to find out if You is truly in your favorites? Dive in and take the quiz now!

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