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Rapid test kits are valid for 10 months from the expiration date | Coronavirus


After Saskatchewanians receive expired rapid test kits, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) confirms the expiration date on the kits is extended by 10 months.

The health authority clarified this information in a Twitter message published on Monday. She indicated that questions about the kits had been sent and that Health Canada had extended the date for them.

Thus, a kit dated June 9, 2021 is valid until April 9, 2022. In addition, boxes with an expiration date in 2022 can be used within four months of the date indicated on the kits.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority stated that the packaging and directions for use of the kits have not been updated to reflect changes in expiration dates.

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The health authority specifies that information on the affected kits has been sent to distribution centers in order to reduce confusion over expiration dates.

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The Saskatchewan Health Authority explains that she does not know the reason why residents were not informed, but assures that the tests are safe.

She invites those who have questions about these kits to contact Health Canada, which has approved the extension of the expiration dates.

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