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Rebels in Yemen driven out of key sector after attack on Emirates


The Emirates are part of a coalition under Saudi command which has been intervening in Yemen since 2015 to militarily support the government against the Houthis, supported by Iran, the Saudi kingdom’s great regional rival.

On Monday, the Houthis fired missiles again at the Emirates, which intercepted them, and at Saudi Arabia, where two people were injured, in an escalation of violence in the Arabian Peninsula. The Emirates promised a strong response to shots.

After two weeks of bloody fighting, the Giants Brigade, a pro-government Yemeni force, drove the rebels out of Harib, a locality south of the northern city of Marib.

For nearly a year, the Houthis have been trying to take over the oil-rich province of Marib, especially the town of the same name, the last stronghold of Yemeni power in the rebel-held north of the country.

But pro-government forces have recorded successes in recent weeks.

The Giants Brigade liberated the locality of Harib with the help of coalition air raids, announced in a press release this force. The fighting in Harib made hundreds of dead and wounded on both sides in two weeks, she said.

Located in the south of the province of Marib, Harib makes the junction with the province of Chabwa which was completely taken over on January 10 from the rebels by the Giants Brigade.

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The Houthis, who also control the capital Sanaa and areas in the west of the country, did not react to this setback immediately.

UN impotence

The UN has been trying in vain for years to end the war in Yemen which has claimed 377,000 lives and pushed a population of 30 million to the brink of large-scale famine, according to the international organization.

The UN said In the Army by the spiral of violence in Yemen which continues to affect civilians and spills over its borders.

In recent weeks, airstrikes and missile attacks have hit hospitals, telecommunications infrastructure, airports, a water plant and a school, said the UN special envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, in a statement.

He underlined the alarming upsurge attacks on the Emirates and Saudi Arabia claimed by the Houthis.

On January 17, the Houthis carried out an attack on facilities in Abu Dhabi killing three people, the first to kill on Emirati soil.

The attack, condemned abroad, was followed by a series of coalition airstrikes in Yemen and ground offensives by pro-government forces.

An airstrike left 14 dead in Sanaa. In another raid, at least three children were killed in an attack on Hodeïda (west). This latest strike caused a nationwide shutdown of the Internet, which was restored on Tuesday.

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Airstrike against a prison

Corpses in white bags displayed in a street.

The corpses of victims of the bombardment of a prison in Saada

Photo: afp via getty images/STR

The coalition, on the other hand, denied any responsibility in a strike against a prison launched on Friday in Saada, a rebel stronghold in northern Yemen. This attack left at least 70 dead and more than 100 injured, according to Médecins sans frontières (MSF), the Houthis giving a death toll of 91.

Collective funerals were organized in Saada for dozens of victims.

In his press release, Mr. Grundberg reiterated his condemnation of these coalition airstrikes and thatdetained and injured 226″,”text”:”reportedly killed 91detained and injured 226″}}’>reportedly killed 91 detainees and injured 226. This is the worst incident with civilian casualties in Yemen in three years.

The Emirates withdrew most of its troops from Yemen in 2019, but continues to support and train pro-government forces.

The rebel attacks on the Emirates came after that country made a strong comeback in anti-Houthi offensives in Yemen.

Yemen borders Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi is located some 1,500 kilometers from Sanaa.

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