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Republicans barrage against Biden and his electoral reform project


Political tension has escalated in Washington this week and Joe Biden has decided to get personally involved in the battle.

Unworthy of his office, demagogue, inconsistent and erroneous : in reacting to the plea of ​​Joe Biden, who promised Tuesday to do everything to protect the right to vote of minorities, Mitch McConnell did not restrain the slightest attack.

I didn’t recognize the man in the podium yesterday, criticized the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, in reference to the displacement of the American president on the grounds of Martin Luther King.

The conservative tenor rose up against the president’s electoral reforms which he said would amount to entrusting the Democrats election control.

Mitch McConnell’s speech in the Senate Chamber is a shouting sign that with less than ten months of the crucial mid-term elections, no holds barred.

Reviews hilarious, says the White House

Joe Biden, present in Congress on Wednesday to pay tribute to a deceased senator, hastened to respond to the one he had rubbed shoulders with for many years in the corridors of the Capitol: I like Mitch McConnell, he’s a friend, he said, a bit teasing.

Minutes later, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki calledhilarious criticism that Joe Biden’s speech on Tuesday might have been seen as offensive.

What is far more offensive is this attempt to suppress the fundamental right of people to exercise their right to vote.

A quote from Jen Psaki, White House spokesperson

The American president, who has chosen to wet his shirt in this matter, will return to the Senate on Thursday to discuss with the Democrats on the procedure to be followed to pass his reforms.

Already adopted in the House of Representatives, its two laws supposed to protect access to the vote of minorities are for the moment stillborns in the Senate, where the Democratic majority is far too narrow to pass without Republicans. Barring an explosive reform of the rules of the upper house, the threat that Joe Biden is raising.

President Joe Biden surrounded by several men

Joe Biden visited the Senate on Wednesday to pay tribute to the late Senator Harry Reid

Photo: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

But to carry it out, it still lacks the support of two moderate Democrats, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. The two are currently opposed, Joe Biden tries by all means to convince them.

Baptized Freedom to Vote Act, the first of two reforms Democrats are seeking to pass is to make election day a holiday and expand postal voting.

At the same time, it cancels a series of restrictions adopted in several conservative states since the 2020 presidential election, such as the ban in Georgia on distributing drinks or snacks in the queue to vote.

Advocacy of African-American elected officials

From Non-governmental organization ensure that these measures adopted by Republicans target and particularly discriminate against African Americans, who overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden in the last election.

Democrats’ Second Law prohibits the adoption of any rule that limits a minority group’s access to the vote, even if the discrimination is not intentional.

Hoping to have a weight in the debate, fifteen African-American elected officials also urged with great emotion the Senate to adopt electoral reform urgently to protect the rights of minorities, at a press conference on Wednesday.

It’s the most sacred thing I can think of, hammered Wednesday the elected black Joyce Beatty, president of this parliamentary group. The most fundamental.

Former Democratic President Barack Obama also lent his support, saying in a column published on the site on Wednesday USA Today : Now is the time for the US Senate to do the right thing.

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